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How Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services Are Changing the World

Our patented Softbrush™, designed for solar panel cleaning services, uses super soft squeegees that gently swipe away the dirt. Our reverse osmosis water filter removes minerals for a spot-free rinse, leaving absolutely zero residue. Our entire fleet of machines enable us to fit into rows where other “bigger” machines would never fit. With our unique solar cleaning robots, we clean commercial solar rooftops more efficient, safer and faster with significant less water consumption, unlike other cleaning options.

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Utility Scale Solar Panel Cleaning And Vegetation Management

What the world needs now more than ever is more renewable energy. Every Detail Solar team is dedicated to doing just that. Our mission is to provide the best quality solar panel cleaning services available utilizing the skills and capabilities of our people and technology for the betterment of our climate, customers and our people.

Field Solar Panel Cleaning

Our smaller machines enable us to fit into rows where other machines would never fit. We also do not rest the weight of our cleaning equipment on the panels like other cleaning options. When we were looking for equipment some exerted more than 400 pounds onto the glass panels. Our machine supports its own weight and ONLY the Softbrush™ is on the panels.

Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning

Our robot was purposely built to bring the highest quality solar panel cleaning in the safest way possible. They are remote-controlled and enable us to eliminate every risk for both the operator and your installation.

Vegetation Management

Every Detail Solar has sheep available, a mowing fleet and can work in inclement conditions that other vegetation management companies cannot do. The speed of our mowing technology is the best available on the market so not only can we get your project done fast, but we also can save you money by passing on our efficiencies to your price. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss a current project.

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